Jzzy, is a 21-year old, American- Indian pop singer-songwriter who grew up in a small town in India recently relocating to  Los Angeles to further her musical ambitions.  Never allowing the culture clashes and limitations of her upbringing to blur her creative visions, the conceptual artist within thrived on the challenges with a “do it yourself or die” frame of mind.  Jzzy’s inner world surfaces by being her own favourite muse, liberating herself through fashion and art integrated with music. 

Realising her passion for music early on while in high school, she began posting covers of her favourite artists on Instagram and later on her Youtube Channel.  After graduation, she learned the basics of music production at the NMIMS School of Performing Arts, in Mumbai. She began releasing her original songs in August 2020.   Jzzy’s passion for music and her ‘do it or die’ attitude has brought her across continents in search of her musical soul mates, continuing her journey while indulging us with her artistic vision.

Jzzy’s latest release, 'Scribbles', her debut EP, is a rebellious multi- visionary collection of four next gen alt-pop songs. 'Scribbles' garnered her an article in Rolling Stones India, and  is a testament to her musical talents and growth as an independent artist who is on the path to success as she sets the stage for the future while moulding her style and sound.  “Scribbles aren’t perfect, they’re messy and with those messy moments, that’s when my brain works”- Jzzy